9/11 Truth, or Die.

This graphic (© 2011-2014 by the artist) is based on the famous political "cartoon" by Benjamin Franklin (see below), first published 20 years before the Revolutionary War. It was later co-opted for use in the War for Independence, sometimes with the wording changed from "Join, or Die." to "Unite, or Die." During and since that time it has been a symbol for Unity, and a rallying cry for change, usually with a political slant.

The artist modified the snake parts from eight (8), which represented the colonies (see link below for more information), to eleven (11) to better fully represent the areas of the current United States.

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"Join, or Die." is a famous political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. The original publication by the Gazette is the earliest known pictorial representation of colonial union produced by a British colonist in America. It is a woodcut showing a snake severed into eighths, with each segment labeled with the initial of a British American colony or region. The cartoon appeared along with Franklin's editorial about the "disunited state" of the colonies, and helped make his point about the importance of colonial unity. During that era, there was a superstition that a snake which had been cut into pieces would come back to life if the pieces were put together before sunset.
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