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The Truth and Reality of 9/11

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth.

As we all know, or should have figured out by now, that is not an easy thing to find and discern.

Wouldn't it be nice if the truth really did set us free?

The truth about 9/11 is that, through the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth.org), arguably the leading 9/11 Truth organization, and other groups and individuals, one can only come to the conclusion that there is more to the story than we have been led to believe by 'the powers that be', and other 'misguided' people. And that easily to the point of beyond a reasonable doubt, and probably at this point beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What has now become known as The Official Government Conspiracy Theory (OGCT) seems to be far from what actually occurred on and around September 11, 2001. This conspiracy theory, and that is exactly what it is, completely, totally and absolutely, without doubt or equivocation, has never been proved to be conspiracy fact. Not even close. In fact, there was never an attempt by anyone to do so. Not the government, not the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), not Congress – no one. (no, not even the supposed 9/11 Commission, whose report is considered by many to be a worthless white-wash)

'They' merely made statements and accusations, most of which were unfounded, and had little, if any, basis in truth or reality. These were then accepted as fact by most of America. (and the world) And they did so without any real investigation or anything of the sort. And, unfortunately, 'we' accepted that. Some of us, anyway.


Note that one should not have to point out that the Government's (and others') suggested 9/11 scenario is a conspiracy theory, but people often seem to have trouble wrapping their minds around simple facts, especially in regard to 9/11. It is a conspiracy theory because supposedly several people conspired to enact the events of 9/11. It is literally that simple. That is the actual definition of a conspiracy (2 or more people), and if you think a conspiracy occurred, you have a conspiracy theory, and you are a conspiracy theorist. In that sense, we are all conspiracy theorists, who believe in one conspiracy theory or another. (the OGCT, or an alternative theory)

Unfortunately, the American people have been "trained" (near-brainwashed) to think about conspiracies, and theories about them, and those that suggest or support those theories, as if they are immediately false and have no value or merit. This is the definition of irrationality and is a very dangerous situation. What would happen if this were always true? What would happen to our legal system and laws regarding conspiracies, such as Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Arson, General Criminal Conspiracy, the RICO statutes, and others? What if you went to the police and told them that you think two (or more) people murdered a loved one, and they immediately dismissed your complaint, saying, "Sorry, we don't deal with conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists", and sent you on your way?

People must remind themselves and be conscious of the fact that so-called "conspiracy theories," both criminal and 'benign,' happen every day, all day long, all around the world. From the criminal conspiracies mentioned above, to unethical situations where co-workers plot to negatively affect a person's job or career status, to young people planning to skip 5th period at high school and go off campus (with their parents, teachers, and/or principal thinking they did), to people throwing someone a surprise birthday party. Conspiracies come in many shapes and forms. The question regarding any conspiracy, and a theory about it, concerns whether it is a false conspiracy (some are), or conspiracy fact (some are).

Of course, we all know of many 'famous' conspiracies, as well, that were initially conspiracy theories and were eventually proven to be conspiracy fact (and some/many disproved), enacted by both individuals and "the government" and related groups. A few examples are: The Watergate Break-in (where would we be if reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, and/or their editors, etc., had simply dismissed the situation as a "conspiracy theory" or the reporters as "conspiracy theorists" and not allowed them to continue their investigation to prove that it was conspiracy fact?), the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, the Gulf War Nayirah Testimony, Operation Northwoods, MK-Ultra, and many, many others throughout history.

The truth about conspiracy theories is that too many (most) people seem to have an irrational response to them, an immediate reaction of dismissal, often in the extreme, without even thinking about them, or looking into them, or considering the facts, etc. — this is the definition of 'irrationality'. The terms 'conspiracy theory' and 'conspiracy theorist' are often used in negative, derogatory and (conveniently) dismissive manners, again, often in the extreme, as attacks on reputations, attempts to discredit, etc., which are false paradigms.

It will take time, but hopefully we will all attempt to re-train and re-educate ourselves and others to not have these visceral reactions to these terms, and attempt to look at any theory, conspiracy-oriented or otherwise, with truly open minds, in truly objective manners, with unbiased and unskewed logic and critical thinking. Rather than attempting to deny (falsely) that something is a "conspiracy theory", or deny (falsely) that we are "conspiracy theorists", we need to re-claim the terms and educate those who are wrongly interpreting the concepts, and accept, embrace and wear the terms as the badges of honor they are. (because we (all) simply want the real, actual truth – and justice if needs be)


The OGCT revolves around the suggestion that 19 (or so) men haling from the area of the Cradle of Civilization, most of them of Saudi Arabian nationality, some or all of them Muslim, or thereabouts, possibly / probably along with a half-dead "evil mastermind" living in a cave in Afghanistan (NOT Iraq), conspired to hijack four commercial jet airliners and attempt to fly them into the World Trade Center skyscrapers (WTC 1, 2, and probably 7) and the Pentagon. (and/or The White House) And that is why the WTC Twin Towers (and ostensibly, remarkably, WTC 7) collapsed that day.

That is what we were told, and most of us believed it, if only for a little while. Or a long while, depending on how long it took (takes) one to come to the truth of the matter. And that is more or less what it seemed to be, so you can't blame people too much for accepting the OGCT on the face of it. Especially without the Fourth Estate (the 'news' mainstream media) doing its job to any reasonable and acceptable level. Not only was there no true or real investigation, there was no investigative journalism, as well. And there has been little of either to date. Except by lay-persons and grassroots activist organizations attempting to do their jobs for them.

Although the facts and evidence for an (the) alternative conspiracy theory are somewhat expansive, if one takes the time to educate themselves, become truly informed and aware, and attempts to be minimally objective and open-minded, it is difficult to not come to a conclusion as to what were most-probably the real and true events of 9/11 and what surrounds them. (as far as can be discerned without a true, in-depth, Congressional investigation) And that is far from what the OGCT suggests and claims. (nay demands)

The easiest way to do that is to peruse the AE911Truth website. There you will find information that over 2,000 architects and engineers, and almost 20,000 citizens, deem important enough to put their careers and reputations on the line to advocate, all of them demanding that a true investigation be performed that will shed light on what really occurred on September 11, 2001.

The currently-accepted alternative theory, in something of a nutshell, is that the Twin Towers, and Building 7 (which too many people still do not know about), were purposely brought down via some form of explosive controlled demolition. Although WTC 1 and 2 seem to be 'special cases' of a sort, almost anyone who sees the implosion of WTC 7, a 47-story skyscraper not hit by an airplane, that 'collapsed' at ~5:30 p.m. on 9/11, easily recognizes a building being brought down into its own footprint by explosive controlled demolition.

The evidence for this is quite extraordinary, and includes the fact that Building 7 fell for several seconds at near-freefall acceleration, which, according to the laws of physics, is impossible without some form of extreme external forces employed. To wit, a purposeful explosive controlled demolition, to remove all of the underlying steel and building structure so that the building can act in that described and (now, due to the hard work of 9/11 Truth activists) uncontested manner. See the following animated GIF image. Click to make larger.

WTC 7 was an obvious purposeful explosive controlled demolition

9/11 Truth initiates and beginners should take the foray into learning about these important issues slowly. There is a lot of information to digest, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Start out slow, learn more each day, and eventually you will become informed and educated to the point where you will have no choice in becoming what some refer to as a "truther". (a truthseeker) Then you will have an informed opinion and can make informed decisions as to what steps to take, how active to become in "the movement" (the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement), and where to go from there. You will learn more than you ever wanted to know about explosive controlled demolitions, nano-thermite, false flag events, and other interesting facts you can add to your arsenal and use to spread the word far and wide.

So one would think then that everyone would jump on the 9/11 Truth bandwagon, demand an actual, real investigation, and the truth would prevail. That is, unfortunately, not how these things work. There are a variety of psychological issues and factors involved, like cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, extreme denial in the face of facts and evidence, outright fear, and sometimes simply immature stubbornness. And then there are people in professional positions of employment who fear for their jobs and reputations, and therefore their families and lives as they know them. Some actually literally fear for their lives.

If the suggested alternative conspiracy theory (/ies) is (/are) true, and there are higher-up people inside the government, and outside the government, who are aware of what really happened, and perhaps had a hand in it, then taking a stance for such a scenario can be intimidating in a variety of ways. However, if we all stand together there is safety in numbers.

In his official facebook page article, "An Actionable Plan For A Citizens 9/11 Investigation Commission", ex-U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D/L, Alaska) has written:

"Thousands of civic volunteers calling themselves the 9/11 truth movement have gone on to parse the events of that fateful day, offering scientific and rational arguments for why the government's official account is inaccurate, incomplete, implausible, and in fact constitutes a flimsy conspiracy theory."


"...this points to the urgent need for a new, independent, investigation with subpoena and other grand jury powers--a citizen's commission that is truly free of partisan political interference."

   Link to article

AE911Truth focuses specifically on the collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7, with no official stance on the Pentagon, the 'Pennsylvania crash', and other aspects of 9/11. But there are many other grassroots organizations who focus on those issues, as well. They all have rather extreme inconsistencies and other questionable issues, to the point that is becomes self-evident that there is something wrong with the whole scenario.

You are encouraged to sign the petition at AE911Truth, support them financially through donations, and to help them in their goals through volunteerism. They need our help and there is something everyone can do in all levels and areas of activism.

There are also many other 9/11 Truth grassroots organizations, like   Firefighters for 9/11 Truth,   Scientists for 9/11 Truth,   Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice,   Pilots For 9/11 Truth,   Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth,   Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth,   Lawyers for 9/11 Truth,   Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth, and many others.

Although it has been over 10 years since 9/11, it is important that we not forget and always struggle to find truth and justice. And regardless of whether an actual, true investigation is ever enacted, we must also always take a stance of

Ever Vigilant, Never Again.